How to Write an Effective College Scholarship Essay

How to Write an Effective College Scholarship Essay

Feb 20

College is a an exciting time in a young adult’s life. It will open up endless opportunities to you and allow you to soak in tons of new experiences. Unfortunately, college can be quite an expensive, although worthwhile, investment. To help offset the cost and make tuition for affordable, lots of students apply for college scholarships. Here are some tips about how to write an effective college scholarship essay.

Answer or respond to the question or prompt appropriately. Often colleges will provide you with a question or a writing prompt to guide your scholarship essay submission. It is important that you stick to this and answer the question as they’ve requested. Sometimes students will take the liberty to write about another topic. This often leads to automatic dismissal and the person will no longer be eligible for

Do not try to show off. Often students try to impress the scholarship selection committee by using big, complication vocabulary words. If you usually use a strong vocabulary you may be able to use these words, but do not use them just for the sake of doing so. You risk using the word incorrectly or sounding arrogant in your writing. Write as you normally would so that your authentic voice comes through. You will be much more successful at impressing and winning the committee over if you are genuine rather than ostentatious.

Choose a specific event or experience that proves to the scholarship community that you are deserving of the monetary support. A vague, broad essay will only bore and confuse your reader. You should not try to cover various stories or experiences in one essay. Pick a specific, influential experience. This may be a story about how your family is looking forward to sending their first member to college or about how you juggled being an athlete and a scholar student throughout high school. No matter what you choose, it should be a time that really changed you for the better or allowed you to rise to the occasion and prove yourself socially, academically, athletically, or emotionally. Make sure that this is a true story as this will come across in your writing.

Ask someone you trust and respect to look over and edit your essay. Ideally, you should ask an English teacher to revise your work. Not only can he or she find grammatical errors, but your teacher will also be able to ensure that the essay is clear and well structured. Likely your teacher has read many other college scholarship essays in the past and so this person will know what scholarship essay readers are looking for. In addition, you may want a parent or close friend to read the essay as well. Once you get feedback, you can revise your work and submit an edited final draft.

When applying for scholarships for bachelors in accounting programs and writing your essay, it is important to have a plan and a strategy. Be sure to answer the prompt correctly, write as your normally would and avoid flashy vocabulary words, focus on writing about one specific, relevant event, and ask a trusted adult or friend to revise and edit your essay. These tips will help you to successfully write and submit an essay you will be proud of!