Advise Vs. Advice: Adding to the List of Most Commonly Used Words That Confuse

Advise Vs. Advice: Adding to the List of Most Commonly Used Words That Confuse

Mar 28

AdviseCome hither dear reader and I advise you to take my advice.

Aha! There I go acting all clever again. I rate the advice vs. advise dilemma as being a rather easy one to solve. Despite that, I confess to have made this mistake too. This despite the fact that I have no doubt about the difference between advise vs. advice. But for those who do not know it, note that there are two different spellings!

We have seen many misused words but in most cases both the words have totally different meaning as in the case of:

But advise vs. advice does not come in the same category because the context and meaning for both the words is almost the same.

So why do we have a different spelling?

One word is a noun while the other is a verb. I admit it is confusing but once you know which one is the noun and verb you can easily use it in sentences with some simple memory aids.Advice

Advice with a ‘c’ is a noun. It means counsel, recommendation, or an opinion.

For example:
“I do not need your advice; I can make up my own mind.”

Advise with an ‘s’ is a verb. It is an act of giving counsel, recommendation or opinion.

For example:
I advise you to take your studies seriously if you wish to pass this year.

I have come across many tips to distinguish advice from advise.

One easy method is: ‘Advice’ has the word ‘ice’ in it which is an object and hence a noun and the word ‘Advise’ has he word ‘is’ in it which is a verb. I know what you are thinking, that was not easy at all.

Another method is based on they are pronounced:

Advise (verb) pronounced advi[z]e
I advi(z)e you to listen to me.

Advice (noun) pronounced advi(s)e
I always give sound financial advi(s)e

How have you liked my series of commonly confused words? Though there are many more, I will take a small break from confusing words and move on to other interesting aspects of the English language before coming back.