Acrostic – The Many Pleasures of Acrostic Poetry

Acrostic – The Many Pleasures of Acrostic Poetry

Mar 06

AcrosticAbout two decades ago, I would write poetry to impress members of the opposite gender. After all these years, I have written one more poem. And there is a point to the poem, I promise. Here goes:

Only the soul that has been thirsty for a while
Uses all available means to quench its thirst.

True to its nature, thirst only breeds more thirst
So the wise pundit seeks refuge in eternal quenching.

That quenching is available to all
Albeit only a few seek solace in its gentleness.

Never before has human civilization
Denied itself of its very identity
Ignoring the basic instincts of nature
Nearly destroying all wealth created by
God’s magnificent largesse.

We who have not known real thirst
Really need to think ahead
In time, we too will be truly thirsty
Time however, will not be on our side.

In time we too will seek eternal quenching
Nearly shifting out paradigm entirely
God will still be waiting in his almighty munificence.

So, how did you like the poem? Do you think I should be nominated for the Pulitzer Prize? For that matter, do they have a Pulitzer for poetry? Frankly I don’t care. My objective is to introduce you to the joy of an acrostic.

In its common form, an acrostic is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a message. Aha! Now go back to the poem above, and see what I spelt. Yes, you got it; I spelt out the name of this site: OUTSTANDING WRITING.

Thank you! Thank you (working on the assumption that you are falling out of your seats with wild applause 🙂 )

Ok to talk more about the acrostic, here are some more important points:
1) Though an acrostic usually occurs in a poem; it could be present in any form of writing.
2) Often the first letter of each line forms a message. But it might as well be first syllable / word of each line / paragraph.

I have come across acrostics when students who are canvassing for school elections create campaign posters which expand on each letter of their name. That is an acrostic for sure, albeit a simple one.

Now before I use the word “albeit” yet again, let me end the article for today. Do come back tomorrow to be exposed to some more joys of the English language.

Oh! And I dare you to come with an original acrostic 🙂 Post it in the comments below; if you dare 🙂


  1. Good One Ajit.

  2. Ajeet Khurana

    Thanks Deepika. I followed the link to your blog, and saw that you had not yet started writing. Nudge yourself. Once you start you will love it. And thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you here again. 🙂