6 Tips To Take Your Writing Ability Up To The Next Level

6 Tips To Take Your Writing Ability Up To The Next Level

Feb 12

Even if you have a way with words, crafting beautiful masterpieces isn’t easy. There are always a few things you can learn and it could take your work to the next level, so today I’d love to share with you some great tips I’ve picked up over the years.

Sleep on it

When you go to sleep at night you should make sure there is a notepad on your bedside table. Before you drift off into the dream world tell yourself you will come up with great writing ideas while you sleep. If you want it to happen your mind must know in advance. Once you wake up in the morning you should write down everything you can remember. Keep doing this every day and eventually you will catch great ideas you would never have thought of when fully conscious.

Write like you talk

Don’t sit down at your dining room table and try to come up with a fancy way to write something. Just let the words flow out naturally like you would say them if you were speaking. You have to understand why people fall in love with a book in the first place. They want to feel like someone is talking directly to them because it’s much easier to believe in what is happening. Even if you don’t believe you’re a skilled writer you will improve overnight once you start writing the way you speak.

Cut everything out

When you type your first draft you’ll always try to write down as many words as possible. I guess we all do it because we want to reach our minimum word count as quickly as possible. When your book contains far too many useless words it makes for a horrible reading experience, so you must take them all out before you publish anything. Keep your sentences as short as possible, use short words, and don’t let your paragraphs get too long.

Let it rest for a few days

A lot of people who publish stuff online don’t wait more than a few minutes before they share their work with the world. They convince themselves they’re doing something right, but sadly it never works out that way. After you’ve written something you should always wait at least 24hrs before you edit it because you will always find something you want to change. If you’ve already published it you’ll be too late and you won’t be sharing your best work with the world.

Force yourself to write

If we all waited until we were feeling inspired our libraries would be half-full. You have to sit down in front of the computer even if you don’t think you can write a sentence. Start typing anything and after a few minutes an idea might pop into your head. It’s a lot better than waiting until the idea pops into your head before you even sit down because it will never happen. Forcing yourself to write every day is better than waiting for the magic to happen.

Don’t write what they won’t read

Do you have a habit of skipping certain pages when you’re reading a book? This happens a lot more often in non-fiction because you might not want to waste your time reading the basic stuff. If you’re writing a book you should leave out the content people are going to skip anyway. You want them to go away thinking your book was great, but it will be hard for them to feel that way when they know they had to skip a big chunk of text before they got into the meaty stuff.

Keep writing no matter what

All these tips will help you become a better writer, but in order to become the best writer you can possibly be you must keep writing all the time. Keep tweaking your work and you’ll be proud of your writing ability a few years from now.

Author Bio Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, Ante Modern Furniture and Lighting, which specializes in the latest modular designs. She is an ardent audiophile and she loves going for live concerts with her friends. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.