6 Cool Techniques For Teaching Your Child Some Of Life’s Important Lessons

6 Cool Techniques For Teaching Your Child Some Of Life’s Important Lessons

Sep 23

I’ve talked about a few cool ways parents can teach their children some important lessons because each one will prepare them for the world in their own weird and wonderful way.

When you have a child it can be quite intimidating because you have to teach them to become the best they can be. You can’t exactly rely on their school teachers to shape their young mind. We’re going to look at a few cool techniques you can use to teach them some important life lessons. Some of them can even be taught before your child starts school and they will hit the ground running straight away.

Learning multiplication with cookies

I’ll start by saying you can use this technique to teach your child anything related to basic math, but they will have more trouble carrying out multiplication so it’s always helpful for them to have some motivation to learn quicker.

You can let them bake cookies with you, but before you start shaping the cookies you can roll the dough into small balls. Now get them to use the small dough balls to answer a few multiplication questions by counting them out. After they get them right you can reward them with lovely warm cookies.

Take them shopping with you

We already know people learn things by doing instead of being told. We have a big problem in this country because there are more overweight children than ever before. Do you really think they will learn about healthy food if you tell them to stay away from pizza while forcing them to eat vegetables?

It’s not the right way to do things, so instead you should take them shopping with you. Get them to pick out the fresh vegetables and lean meat because they will be more likely to want to eat what they’ve picked out themselves.

Extracting information from books

What goes through your head when you read a new book? You will know how to extract all sorts of wonderful information because you’ve been taught how to do it at school. You were taught by being asked specific questions until you eventually started asking them on your own.

When you read your child a book they will just enjoy the story and not much else. I’m not saying you shouldn’t let them enjoy the story, but when you can drill down a little deeper and ask them some complicated questions they are going to be well ahead of their classmates when they reach school.

Become a mad scientist

Science is another subject that is easy to learn at an early age and it could shape the way your child thinks about the world. Instead of lying on the grass with them and explaining what stars are, you could instead get them a telescope and ask them to pick out certain constellations.

Get a microscope and let them look at things in more detail than they could ever imagine. You need to become a mad scientist and start conducting experiments with your child. It’s even possible to pick up chemistry sets that will teach you what to do, so don’t forget to take advantage of them.

Unleash their creative genius

Once your child can read and write you need to teach them how to write great stories because it’s one of the easiest ways to encourage their creative genius to creep out. Get them to write out their favorite books word-for-word as this will subconsciously teach them to see why the writer wrote certain things in a certain way.

Eventually they can start to write their own stories, which won’t be perfect in the beginning, but over the years they will become a lot more creative. This simple act of teaching them to be a storyteller will help them out so much when they get older.

Saving for a bright future

When most kids hit eighteen they go crazy and end up in so much debt. They take our credit cards to buy things they can’t afford and they find themselves in serious trouble. Learning about personal finances should happen when they are still young.

You can even throw in some entrepreneurship lessons by giving them money to carry out some jobs before asking them to save the money in a special piggy bank. You don’t have to stop them from ever spending money, but the most important things to teach them is to have an emergency fund and to pay for things in cash.


The author of this post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Kidobi, which specializes in creating educational videos for kids. She is very fond of children and she likes interacting and playing with them. Whenever she isn’t busy, she enjoys travelling and exploring new places. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.