5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Writing Speed To Publish More Blog Posts

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Writing Speed To Publish More Blog Posts

Sep 18

My article teaches people how to write articles quicker than they’re writing them at the moment because they will end up with more traffic when they publish more work on their blog.

If you want to succeed these days it helps to write a lot of posts because it will drive a lot more traffic to your blog over the long term. This isn’t as easy as it sounds because writing lots of helpful posts isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. If you can improve the speed in which you write each post you stand a much better chance of achieving something special, so here are a few great tips to help you publish more great articles from now on. In addition to the advice in this article, considering getting some books from Amazon that will help improve your writing skills.

Write your subheadings first

Before you start typing away you should write your subheadings first. When you stare at a blank word document it can feel a little overwhelming and this feeling could possibly slow you down. When you see a bunch of subheadings you know you only need to complete one paragraph at a time. As long as you keep moving down the page you will eventually come to the end, but when you try to write without subheadings it’s too easy to procrastinate before you get to the end.

Always edit the following day

Too many people decide to jump backwards and forwards trying to edit the smallest of spelling mistakes even though they would be able to wipe most of them out using the spellchecker. If the spellchecker doesn’t pick up on them you’ll catch the mistakes when you edit the article the following day with a set of fresh eyes. When you worry about editing at the same time as writing the article you won’t be fully concentrating on the writing and you will be slowed down.

Keep an idea book

Sometimes it’s easy to write a quick article when you’ve been thinking about it for a number of days. The only way you’ll remember these thoughts is if you write them down in an idea book. Instead of staring at the computer every morning you’ll be able to open your book and you’ll know what to write within 30 seconds. Your idea book should be small because you’ll want to carry it around with you at all times as you never know when your next idea will pop into your head.

Consider voice-to-text

If you tried to use voice-to-text software a few years ago it probably scared you away because it used to be terrible. These days it’s actually quite good and when you’re sitting in your own living room in your underwear you could easily speak an article quicker than you could write one. You’ll still need to go over everything to make sure there aren’t any mistakes, but you’ll definitely save a little time per article and over the course of a year it means you’ll be able to publish a lot more of them.

Stick to the point

When you’re trying to teach something important inside a blog post the reader doesn’t want to hear about your life story. You can introduce the post with a quick story, but once you’re into the juicy stuff you need to stick to the point. Nobody wants to hear you go in a multitude of different directions because they’ve got more important things they could be doing. Just remember in each blog post you only need to teach someone one specific thing and you should do it in the least amount of words possible.

It requires effort

Nothing is easy and there are no magic pills that will allow you to write quickly. You just need to keep your head down because it requires a lot of effort, but after a while it will become a subconscious habit and you’ll find it’s much easier to keep up with your new pace. If you are interested in taking me up on my earlier suggestion of buying some writing books from Amazon, why not get some Amazon coupons that offer a great discount?

Author Bio: Today’s feature contributor, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who writes for Mr. Convenience, a company that specializes in providing home furniture on rental basis in Toronto. She loves the culinary arts and she loves to spend time experimenting with it. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.