5 Amazing Writing Locations That Will Make You More Productive

5 Amazing Writing Locations That Will Make You More Productive

Feb 08

It’s sometimes hard to sit down and write, so I’ve talked about a few locations people should check out if they want to boost their productivity.

Do you ever find it difficult to sit down and write? Maybe you are struggling because of the location you’re in rather than the lack of ideas running through your head. Take a look at some of these locations you might want to try out if you want to become a lot more productive.

Your local library

Hopefully most people have a library close to their home because it’s a great place to work. Nobody can talk too loud which means you get to work in near silence. You also have access to tons of books if you want to research anything and you’ll have free access to the internet too. If your lucky you might even be able to grab tea and coffee from a cafe or vending machine. The only bad thing about a library is the fact you’ll only be able to sit there during the day while it’s open.

A special room

Most of your time will be spent writing at home, but this doesn’t mean you need to sit at the dining table writing all the time. Find somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and productive. In summer you might decide to write in the conservatory so you can enjoy the sun. You could even build a special writing room in the attic if you don’t use it for anything else. If you have a special place where you can write all the time you can decorate it using colors and photos that inspire you.

A nice hotel room

If you have any important projects to work on for a few days it might be a good idea to book a nice hotel room. You won’t even need to cook food because you can have it delivered straight to your room. There is also a good chance you’ll be a lot more productive because it costs money to rent a hotel room and if you sit around doing nothing you’ll be throwing it down the drain. Just remember to take everything with you otherwise you might have to take a trip back home.

Coffee shops

Some people love working in coffee shops even though they’re usually quite noisy. It might be because the noise relaxes them after a while and they can get on with writing while the world goes on without them. There are even recordings you can listen to on your laptop that mimic the background noise found in coffee shops. Unfortunately you need the real thing if you want to have an unlimited amount of coffee available to you while you’re hard at work.

The local park

You obviously can’t work at the local park when it’s raining, but when the sun is out it’s the perfect place to work. Just don’t choose a park with slides and swings otherwise you’ll have to put up with dozens of noisy kids all day. Do you have any parks close to where you live with picnic tables near a lake? When you’re stuck in the middle of wildlife it’s hard not to feel creative, so if you test out a few parks close to where you live I think you’ll find one you like.

Don’t stick to the same place

The easiest way to be productive is by moving around all the time, so you could start at home when you wake up and by the end of the day you could find yourself in a coffee shop. Stick to the same place all the time and you’ll eventually start to procrastinate. If you test out any of the locations we talked about you should let us know if you enjoyed them.

Author Bio Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, Corefront, a renovation company in Calgary. She loves travelling to exotic places and learning about their traditions. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.